Thursday, February 26, 2009

washing machine at baboy

pakshet!!!!!!! the only word that i wasa able to utter when i saw our washing machine. apparently it burst into flames while our helper was doing the loundry. my mom and my tita was eating that time, they were able to smell something burning but did not care to make anything about it since it is a common thing. while the helper went to the laundry place to check, she was surprised by the flames that greeted her. she uttered "ate nasusunog nagliliyab". mom and tita hurriedly rushed to the laundry area to check and what they saw was flames. the helper immeditely pulled out the plug and directed the waterhose to the burning appliance. good thing our helper was able to control the flames. what a relief, i am in the process of renovating my house, though it has not started yet, still have to raise a few more thousands to complete my dreamhouse.

i emmediately texted my baboy to tell him what happened. when he found out everything is fine, his immediately made fun of me just to make me relax. hehehe i adore my baboy so much. hehehehe i wish he would not call me "bhe". he knows that i do not like him calling me "bhe" that's why he keeps calling me that name to make me irate, but instead of being irate, i feel more flattered but i do not tell him ofcourse, hehehehe buti nga sa iyo baboy ko. hahahahaha.

we talked for about 3 hours on the phone while watching tv together, praning d b, ganun ata pag inlove ka, hahaha, pag nilipat nya tv, dapat ilipat ko ulit, i read my horoscope and guess what, leo and capricorn daw ang magandang partner, well im a leo he is a capricorn and we were born on the 13th day of the month, parehong demonyo hahahahaha.

to my baboy, you dont know how much i care for you, how much i long for you, how much i miss your big tummy hehehehehe. to my baboy, i know your previous relationship was a disaster pero i promise ours will not. to my baboy, i hope i will be your last and you my last. to my baboy, i love you!!!!!!!!!!

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